Specialized Chitosan

Herb Extracting Chitosan

Herb is the treasure of Chinese civilization. Its preparation technology, subsiding impurities by ethanol, is very backward. Herb extracting chitosan, produced by our company, is the safe and nontoxic high efficient clarifier. Its unique"superposing"property can take the place of ethanol. The traditional technology of"water distillation,ethanol subsidence" has been greatly impacted. It can effectively remove the instable components of colloid such as protein, tannin and starch etc ..Solution is easier to be filtered and clear products are easier to be got. It has strong chelating action to many kinds of heavy metal ion,which assures the quality for export products. Extracting chitosan clarifying technology can simplify the traditional preparation technology,shorten production cycle and reduce cost. It is a kind of new flocculant with convenient use, strong operation stability and low cost. It is the ideal substitute for artificial synthetic flocculant.

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