Water-Soluble Chitosan

Chitosan Hydrochloride

Chitosan extracted from crustacean shells is a kind of amino polysaccharide. Due to strong intermolecular forces, it can only dissolve in organic acid or inorganic acid in the solution, which limits its application in many fields. At present, our company developed activated chitosan derivatives hydrochloride (chitosan chloride) by special treatment. It can dissolve in water directly, which is a strong cationic chitosan derivatives, therefore it can promote cells to absorb nutrients or drugs, so that it can be used for the absorption of hydrophilic drugs and natural nutritional cosmetics , medical dressings and carrier, health food, cationic flocculant, etc.

Product properties:
This product is white or light white, odorless, non-toxic, translucent powder without any stable shape. Instantly dissolve in water, and the solution is neutral with clear transparent and stable character.

AppearanceOff-white slice
DAC degree80.0%-90.0%
PH (1%的水溶液)4.0-6.0
Loss on Drying≤15.0%
Ash content≤1.0%
Heavy metals≤40.0ppm
Total plate count≤1000cfu/g
Mold count≤100cfu/g
Packing:Paper drum 5.0KG,10.0KG,,Or according to customer requirements
Storage:store in dry, clean, shady and cool place. Transportation light light discharge, shall not be mixed with hazardous, toxic and pollution items shipment, it is strictly prohibited in the rain
We can supply special molecular weight Chitosan Hydrochloride according to customers’ requirement.
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