Effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on reducing weight and lipid

Chitosan can reduce fat and reduce weight from local and systemic aspects of the intestine. Specifically, it can regulate cholesterol and reduce blood lipid through the following ways.

Promote cholesterol conversion

Bile stimulating acid is an important component of the digestive fluid produced by cholesterol transformation in the liver, and it has a certain reserve in the gallbladder. Bile acid is a surfactant, which can disperse the fat in food into very thin droplets, which is convenient for the decomposition of pancreatin, so it is very important for the digestion and absorption of oil. The golden shell oligosaccharide indicates that bile acids are usually absorbed by the small intestine and returned to the gallbladder after the task of digesting and absorbing fat in the body. Because chitosamine is easy to be combined with bile acid to excrete in vitro (promote bile acid excretion from feces), cholesterol must be converted into bile acid in the liver in order to keep bile acid reserve in gallbladder, so the cholesterol content in blood will inevitably decrease.

Inhibition of cholesterol absorption

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