What is chitooligosaccharide?

Chitosan oligosaccharide (chitosaccharide), also known as chitosan and chitosan, is a kind of oligosaccharide product with a degree of polymerization between 2 and 20 by the degradation of chitosan by special enzyme technology (also reported by using chemical degradation and microwave degradation technology). The molecular weight is less than 3200da, which is a low molecular weight product with good water solubility, high function and high biological activity. It has many unique functions, such as high solubility, water soluble, easy to be absorbed and utilized by organisms, and its function is 14 times of that of chitosan. The chitosan oligosaccharide is the only positive charge cationic basic amino oligosaccharide in nature and is an animal cellulose. Chitosan is a small molecular oligosaccharide with amino group, which is a sugar chain with degree of polymerization of 2-20, which is derived from the degradation of chitosan from shrimp and crab shell.

Chitosan is made from chitosan depolymerization and is an upgrade product of chitin and chitosan products

The international conference called chitosan oligosaccharide "human immune guard"

"The most promising healthy food in the 21st century“

Highly praised as the "golden key to human health" is called "the sixth element of life" by medical circles

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