What are the functions of chitosan?

1. Chitosan for cosmetics

The special chitosan for cosmetics has good functions of moisture absorption, moisturizing, conditioning and bacteriostatic. It is suitable for moisturizing cream, shower, cleansing cream, mousse, cream, latex, gel cosmetics, etc., which effectively remedy the defects of ordinary chitosan.

2. Chitosan for flocculant

Chitosan and its derivatives have good flocculation and clarification. As the clarifier of beverage, it can make the suspension flocculate quickly, precipitate naturally and improve the yield of the original solution;

Gold chitosan means that in the extract of traditional Chinese medicine, the macromolecular protein, tannin and pectin can be easily removed with chitosan solution, and the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine with high purity can be refined; the adsorption of chitosan has a good effect on water purification.

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