What is chitin fiber? Characteristics of chitin fiber

Chitin and Its Derivative Chitosan, with certain ductility and silkiness, are very good fiber-forming materials. Chitin fibers with high strength and elongation can be made by conventional wet spinning process as long as proper spinning conditions are selected. The manufacturers of gold chitosan indicated that the solubility and biological activity of chitosan were high due to the large amount of amino groups in its macromolecular structure. Chitin fibers have the following properties.

Characteristics of chitin fiber I: excellent biomedical function

Chitin has the same macromolecular structure as glucosamine in human body, and has the structure similar to human bone collagen tissue. It is this dual structure that endows them with excellent biomedical characteristics: it is non-toxic and non irritating to human body, can be decomposed and absorbed by lysozyme in human body, has good biocompatibility with human tissue, and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties , hemostasis, analgesia, promoting wound healing and other functions. Therefore, chitin and chitosan are ideal medical polymer materials, which are widely used to manufacture special medical products. It has been used abroad, especially in Japan and the United States, to make artificial skin, absorbable suture, hemodialysis membrane, drug release agent and various medical dressings. In China, there are also many applications in the production of infant clothing, because it can be antibacterial, bactericidal, and protect the skin of infants. It has significant effect on the treatment of eczema, redness, red buttocks and other problems, and is widely welcomed by new mothers.

Characteristics of chitin fiber II:

As the raw materials for chitin fiber manufacturing generally use the wastes of shrimp and crab aquatic products, on the one hand, this kind of wastes can reduce the environmental pollution, on the other hand, the wastes of chitin fiber can be biodegraded and will not pollute the surrounding environment, so chitin fiber is also called green fiber.

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