Which is better, glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine hydrochloride?

Here is the difference between the two. You can choose what you need.

In the clinical trials in China, the treatment effect of aminosugar sulfate and hydrochloride is similar, but for the side effects of the body, there are more groups of discomfort in the body, mainly reflected in the stomach pain, the improvement response is more, the effect is relatively not obvious.

Golden shell glucosamine hydrochloric acid indicates that the benefit of osteoarthritis is only related to "glucosamine", not to sulfate or hydrochloric acid. For consumers, the same dosage of ammonia hydrochloric acid and ammonia sulfate is more cost-effective. Glucosamine hydrochloride is more suitable for Chinese than glucosamine sulfate.

Sulfated glucosamine is easily absorbed

The absorption of ammonia sugar by human cartilage is mainly mediated by "sulfate radical", which is the "sulfate radical" of sulfated ammonia sugar, while that of hydrochloric acid ammonia sugar is relatively difficult to be absorbed by human body.

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