Application prospect of Chitosan
Chitosan is derived from chitin. Chitin is widely distributed in nature. This rich natural resource prompted countries all over the world to start a lot of research on chitin and chitosan. Golden chitosan manufacturers learned that in recent 20 years, the development and application of chitosan in China has been very active. Generally speaking, the United States and Japan have developed rapidly in the application research of chitin and {chitosan, especially in the inhibition of plant diseases by chitosan. China's research in this area started not late, but the main problems are: repeated research, scattered development efforts, most researchers did not popularize and apply the research results in time, or although there is application, the product gear is low and the scale is small, and the degree of industrialization is not high, which leads to the small share of chitin products in agricultural production in China.
Golden chitosan manufacturers said that in order to reduce agricultural pollution, develop green ecological agriculture and make rational use of chitosan, a rich natural resource, we should further strengthen the modification and Application Research of chitosan. With the continuous progress of technology and the deepening of people's understanding, chitosan and other chitin derivatives will provide an effective way for the implementation of sustainable agricultural development and the realization of a virtuous cycle of ecology with their excellent characteristics such as non-toxic, pollution-free and biocompatibility. It will also play an increasingly important role in agricultural production. With the in-depth research of chitosan and the development in chemistry, biology and medicine, many superior biological activities and functions of chitosan will continue to be found, and its application fields will gradually expand.
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