People who need to supplement ammonia sugar
1. Middle aged and elderly groups
Since the ammonia sugar in the human body begins to lose after the age of 30, it is basically lost and no longer synthesized by the age of 45. Golden chitosan manufacturers said that due to the serious shortage of ammonia sugar content in cartilage, it is easy to cause various joint diseases. Exogenous ammonia sugar supplementation as soon as possible can reduce the incidence of joint disease and maintain joint health.
2. Obese people
For obese people, due to their excessive weight, the burden of joints is much greater than that of the general population. Excessive load will accelerate the wear of articular cartilage. Therefore, obese people have a high incidence of joint disease and suffer from
The age of joint disease is generally early. Therefore, obese people are also in urgent need of ammonia sugar supplement.
3. People with joint deformation
For joint deformation caused by various reasons, such as O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs, the manufacturer of chitosan said that due to the uneven stress on the joint surface, it is easy to cause excessive wear of articular cartilage on one side, leading to various bone and joint diseases in advance. Supplementing ammonia sugar as soon as possible can lubricate the articular surface, protect articular cartilage from wear, promote cartilage regeneration and prevent bone and joint diseases.
4. People suffering from arthropathy
If you have been troubled by joint disease, you should immediately supplement ammonia sugar, repair articular cartilage, eliminate joint pain and restore joint function.
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