11 functions of Chitooligosaccharides on human body

1. Lowering blood fat

Hypolipidemia: chitooligosaccharide can hinder the absorption of fat, improve the beneficial cholesterol, reduce the harmful cholesterol, reduce the secondary utilization of bile acid, and avoid the harm of carcinogens of secondary bile acid. Prevent arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart disease, etc.

2、 Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia: if the pH value of blood drops 0.1, the sensitivity of insulin decreases by 30%, showing hyperglycemia. Chitooligosaccharide adjusts the pH value to weak alkalinity and improves the utilization rate of insulin. For diabetic complications, cell therapy can improve the oxygen supply of microcirculation tissue cells, eliminate harmful substances in the body, purify blood, and recover and prevent various complications.

3、 Lowering blood pressure

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