What is the effect of ammonia sugar? What person suits to eat ammonia sugar?

Ammonia is a monosaccharide, which is one of the important nutrients to form chondrocytes, and is also the basic component of cartilage matrix and joint fluid.

The specific functions of gold shell ammonia sugar factory are as follows:

1. Repair of worn articular cartilage: ammonia can repair the worn or eroded articular cartilage and surrounding soft tissue, so as to improve the physiological function and motor function of joint and surrounding tissue.

2. Protection of articular cartilage: a large number of animal experiments and clinical observations have confirmed that ammonia can effectively inhibit the activities of a variety of cartilage destroying enzymes in the articular cavity, and can directly protect the articular cartilage.

3. Lubrication of articular cartilage: ammonia sugar can promote the formation of joint synovial fluid, increase the synovial fluid in the joint, so as to continuously lubricate the articular cartilage layer, reduce friction, and make the joint position flexible.

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