Ammonia sugar has so many benefits

Some students who have a good knowledge of chemistry should know what ammonia sugar is. If we use chemical knowledge, it is a compound in which a hydroxyl group in glucose is replaced by an amino group. originally, this compound is commonly known as amino acid. Later, amino acid is what I want to talk about now. Ammonia sugar, also known as glucosamine, is widely distributed in nature. Generally speaking, the raw material of ammonia sugar is extracted from crab shell by fermentation. Because ammonia sugar does not belong to the category of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, it is a pure natural substance extracted from marine organisms by cutting-edge technology, so it has no toxic and side effects on human body. Most people can eat ammonia sugar, but when we eat ammonia sugar, we should know what effect and effect does ammonia sugar have on our body? Which diseases does ammonia sugar have certain therapeutic effect on our body? Next, the gold shell ammonia factory will take you to understand the ammonia sugar.

1、 Function and function of ammonia sugar

1. Ammonia sugar has the function of repairing

Tosome extent, ammonia can stimulate articular chondrocytes, synthesize collagen fibers and proteoglycans in the human body, and then use them to repair the worn articular cartilage or surrounding soft tissue cells, so as to achieve the repair effect.

2. Ammonia sugar has the function of hastening birth

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