Application skills of seaweed fertilizer

In order to better improve the utilization rate of seaweed fertilizer, gold shell oligosaccharides indicate that in addition to choosing good brands and types, we can also start from the following directions:

1. The spraying concentration of seaweed fertilizer should be appropriate. In a certain concentration range, the speed and quantity of nutrients entering leaves increase with the increase of solution concentration, but if the concentration is too high, it is easy to cause fertilizer damage, especially for trace element fertilizers. Generally, the concentration of large and medium elements (n, P, K, CA, Mg, s) is 500 to 600 times, and that of Fe, Mn and Zn is 500 to 1000 times.

2. The spraying time of seaweed fertilizer should be appropriate. When foliar fertilization, the longer the wetting time, the more nutrients the leaves absorb, the better the effect. Generally, it is better to keep the leaves moist for 30 to 60 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended to fertilize the leaves in windless weather in the evening.

Application skills of seaweed fertilizer with gold shell oligosaccharide

3. Spraying seaweed fertilizer should be uniform, careful and thoughtful. Foliar fertilization requires small droplets and even spraying, especially on the upper leaves and the back of leaves.

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