Four functions of chitooligosaccharides

1. Adsorption: there are positive charges in the structural molecules of chitooligosaccharides. The positive charged cations can adsorb the substances in the charge and discharge the oil, chloride ions, toxins and other substances out of the body. Moreover, it can repair and protect the blood lipid and blood pressure, and also purify the internal environment.

2. Reduction: it is free radicals that cause human aging and many diseases. Lipid peroxide produced by free radicals will damage the biofilm, which will damage cells. The gold chitosan factory said that the positively charged free amino groups in chitosan oligosaccharide structure molecules were combined with free radicals to protect cells from damage.

3. Alkaline effect: the positive charge of chitooligosaccharide is alkaline, which can neutralize acidic substances, create a suitable cell living environment and enhance human immunity.

4. Specific effect: as an important part of human cells, gold chitosan factory claims that chitosan oligosaccharide can repair the defect of sugar chain, restore damaged cells to normal function, and have good biocompatibility without any toxic and side effects, which lays a foundation for immune regulation and body repair.

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