How about the application of chitosan oligosaccharide?

Chitosan oligosaccharide chitosan is a kind of low molecular weight product, which has good water solubility, high functional activity and high biological activity. It is obtained by special biological enzyme technology to degrade chitosan. It has a wide range of applications and good market prospects. Chitosan oligosaccharide chitosan can be used in the following fields: chitosan oligosaccharide can be used in the medical field. It can protect the wound from bacterial infection, promote wound healing, and has the characteristics of non-toxic and fully absorbed by organisms. Therefore, it has great advantages as a drug. It can also be used in food. In dairy products, it can be used as an activator of intestinal probiotics, such as bifidobacteria, to enhance the absorption of calcium and minerals. Gold chitosan manufacturers said that in seasoning agents, it can replace sodium benzoate as natural preservatives and chemical preservatives; in beverages, it can be used for weight loss, detoxification and immune regulation and other functional drinks; in fruits and vegetables, it can be coated with fresh film, which is transparent, water resistant and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Chitosan oligosaccharide chitosan can also be used in agriculture, daily chemical industry, biological veterinary drugs, feed additives and other fields, can be widely used in a wide range of fields and is a promising product.

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