Chitosan is the product of N-deacetylation of chitin. Chitin, chitosan and cellulose have similar chemical structure. Cellulose is hydroxyl at C2 position, chitin and chitosan are replaced by an acetylamino group and an amino group at C2 position respectively. Chitin and chitosan have many unique properties, such as biodegradability, cell affinity and biological effect. Gold chitosan The manufacturer of chitosan, especially chitosan containing free amino group, is the only basic polysaccharide in natural polysaccharide.

The amino group in the molecular structure of chitosan is more active than the acetylamino group in chitin, which makes the polysaccharide have excellent biological function and can be chemically modified. Therefore, chitosan is considered as a functional biomaterial with greater application potential than cellulose.

Gold chitosan manufacturers said that chitosan is the product of natural polysaccharide chitin to remove part of acetyl group. It has many physiological functions such as biodegradation, biocompatibility, non toxicity, bacteriostasis, anticancer, lipid-lowering, immune enhancement and so on. It is widely used in food additives, textiles, agriculture, environmental protection, beauty and health care, cosmetics, antibacterial agents, medical fibers, medical dressings, artificial groups Textile materials, drug release materials, gene transfer carriers, biomedical fields, medical absorbable materials, tissue engineering carrier materials, medical and drug development and many other fields and other daily chemical industries.

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