The difference between chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharide

Chitin. Chitin was discovered by the French scholar blakeno in 1811. It was extracted from the shell of crustacean by Eugene in 1823 and named chitin, translated as chitin. Appearance and properties: light beige to white.

Chitin is the first practical product and the first "functional food" approved in Japan. Gold chitosan means that chitin is insoluble in water, alkali, general acid and organic solvent, and only soluble in part of concentrated acid. It depends on the action of chitinase and lysozyme in human gastrointestinal tract to decompose a small part. Therefore, its absorption rate is very low, the dosage is large, and the dosage reaction is up to 70%. When chitin is chemically treated and acetyl group is removed, it becomes chitosan.


English Name: Chitosan

Chinese Name: Chitosan

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