Safety of N-acetylglucosamine

Golden shell glucosamine hydrochloride indicates that glucosamine is the precursor of glycosaminoglycan (mucopolysaccharide), which is the main component of articular cartilage, so glucosamine is often used in the auxiliary treatment of osteoarthritis. Glucosamine supplementation may help to reconstruct cartilage and treat arthritis, but the efficacy of glucosamine has not been determined by the medical community. Experiments have shown that glucosamine is not more effective in alleviating pain than placebo used in the reference group.


The oral dose of glucosamine is usually 1500 mg / day. Glucosamine sold on the market is in the form of sulfate or hydrochloride, and is used in combination with dimethyl sulfone and chondroitin sulfate.


Although glucosamine may not be effective, at least the medical community has always believed that glucosamine is not dangerous.

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