Why can't we live without chitosan?

Chitosan exists widely in chitin, and the existence of chitin in nature is also very extensive. Chitosan, also known as deacetylated chitin, has excellent properties and can be applied in all walks of life, so chitosan is very important in our life.

Gold chitosan indicates that carboxymethyl chitosan indicates that chitosan is obtained by deacetylation of chitin. Chitosan plays an important role in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and other industries. Chitosan also has the function of lowering blood lipid and blood sugar for patients. Therefore, the application of chitosan in the pharmaceutical industry is also very extensive and important.

Why can't we live without chitosan?

Gold chitosan indicates that CMC tells us that pure chitosan is a white, translucent, grayish-white powder solid, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, and that pure chitosan has a slightly pearly luster. When we remanufacture chitosan, we usually have different viscosities, and different viscosities of chitosan require different products.

In addition, chitosan can produce a variety of chemical reactions under specific conditions, and can also produce chitosan derivatives with different properties, so the scope of application of chitosan is expanded accordingly.

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