The key to reversing aging is the targeting of mitochondrial compounds.

Chitosan oligosaccharides from the University of Exeter have found that compounds targeting mitochondria can reduce aging cells by 50 percent.

The "fountain of youth" they found was hydrogen sulfide. Previous studies have shown that hydrogen sulfide has some potential to reverse cell aging, possibly including the treatment of cancer, dementia, diabetes and other diseases.  However, how to obtain this "energy" without relying on hydrogen sulfide donors?

Professor Lorna Harries and his team at the University of Exeter School of Medicine found the key, and they found that two splicing factors play a key role in the timing and process of endothelial cell senescence.

Three different compounds, AP39, AP123 and RT01, have been developed and tested to selectively release trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas into the mitochondria of cells, helping aging or damaged cells produce the "energy" needed to survive and reduce aging.

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