German study on the recovery of chitin residues and waste materials

Chitin is the main component of insect skin and shell, and is widely used in animal feed production, in which insects are used as a source of protein. The golden shell specialized chitosan oligosaccharides has been known for a long time that the German Institute devoted itself to the development of residual and waste materials recycling.

Researchers have developed an alternative element from insect skin that separates the purification process of chitin, such as proteins and minerals. The discovery of chitosan oligosaccharides is in the process of studying various methods to deethylene chitin to produce chitosan. For example, through screening, we find the appropriate process for the process of deacetylation.

Because of its ability to form thin films, researchers believe that chitosan can be used as sizing agent. This reduces friction on the loom and prevents the yarn from roughening or breaking during weaving; then the sizing agent washes or remains on the yarn again.

The second possible application is in the finishing of textile fabrics with specific functional characteristics. It is hoped that the hydrophobic molecules will be linked with chitosan by functional amino groups, and when applied to textiles, the waterproof performance can be achieved. Environmentally harmful fluorocarbons are widely used for hydrophobic treatment of outdoor textiles.

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