Chitosan oligosaccharides that are effective in regulating immunity

More than 80% of the body's diseases are related to immunity. In the billions of cells that make up the human body, the immune cells that play a balanced role are T cells, B cells, K cells, NK cells, and LAK cells, which restrict the harm of pathogens or mutant cells to the body and keep the body in a balanced health state. But the function defect of oligosaccharide chain can reduce the activity and function of various immune cells, even the immune cells will die, the immune balance is destroyed, all kinds of pathogens in the body will not be removed, and the cells will be transformed into cancer cells, induce tumor and direct the harm to the body.

The general people know that the low immunity is easy to suffer from various diseases, because the pathogenic microorganism of the human body is easily invaded into the body when the immune function is low, thus causing various infectious diseases. If the body's immunity is unbalanced, it will lead to trachea asthma, arthritis, nephritis, cold, viral hepatitis, diarrhea, and may also become a susceptible population of AIDS, serious imbalance, will cause genetic mutation, cell unlimited replication, forming malignant tumor.

As we all know, the chitosan oligosaccharide can directly repair the sugar chain function of various immune cells in human body through the chimerism, which makes the immune cells in the process of differentiation increase, increase the activity, enhance the function, increase the ability of phagocytes by 3-5 times, and increase the immune balance of the human body.

At the same time, the chitosan oligosaccharide enters the human body, forms the cationic group, has the affinity with the human cell, and can adjust the human immunity through many ways, such as cell immunity, humoral immunity and non specific immunity.

Chitosan oligosaccharides can also regulate gene expression, activate the defense, surveillance, control and tolerance of autoimmunity, and can be applied to viral hepatitis, cor pulmonale, low immunity, malignant tumor and so on.

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