What are the eight functions of chitosan?
It can reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, blood glucose, strengthen liver function, regulate the nervous and endocrine system, hemostasis and coagulation, immune regulation, anticancer and metastasis inhibition.
Chitosan can stimulate the vagus nerve, excite the hunger center and vasomotor center of the cerebral cortex, and then dilate the blood vessels of the pancreas, increase the amount of blood circulation, and increase the secretion of insulin. Improve the function of pancreas, activate islet cells, and promote Β Cells secrete insulin.
Notes on the use of Chitosan
Some people who take this product at the initial stage may have diarrhea, lethargy, fatigue, nausea, peculiar smell of excreta and other changes due to different constitutions and conditions, which can be relieved or disappeared by themselves in a few days. Unless the reaction is large, there is generally no need to adjust the dose. You can continue to take it and you will receive the expected effect.
Golden chitosan indicates that this phenomenon is caused by the lack of certain substances in the body. After being supplemented, the physiological function is readjusted or taken, and the body discharges various harmful substances. If it exceeds the tolerance level, it can be reduced or suspended appropriately, and doctors should be consulted if necessary.
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