What are the functions of chitosan oligosaccharides?
Golden chitosan said that it is believed that everyone has a certain understanding of chitosan oligosaccharides, because chitosan oligosaccharides are widely used in the agricultural industry, but do you know what role chitosan can play?
(1) as a plant growth regulator, chitosan oligosaccharide can be used for seed treatment and seed coating, which can enhance plant disease resistance and regulate plant growth.
(2) improve crop yield by root irrigation and leaf surface treatment
(3) improve soil. Chitosan oligosaccharide water-based soil improver can improve soil aggregate distribution, increase strawberry yield, and reduce soil water evaporation. There are liquid fertilizers for soilless cultivation composed of Chitooligosaccharides and trace elements in the international market.
(4) make slow-release materials for pesticides and fertilizers. Chitosan can be made into herbicide and urea slow-release materials.
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