What kind of chitosan is a good chitosan?
Chitosan in the process of application will also be affected by the production process and purity of purification. What kind of chitosan is good chitosan and what is the standard of good chitosan?
First, we must strictly control the source and quality of raw materials. In other words, the source of shrimp and crab shells is fixed, and the quality inspection report or certificate of each batch of raw materials
Second, the control of production process steps and parameters, repeated verification of process parameters, environmental conditions and operation specifications in the process of chitosan production, and systematic training of operators to ensure the standardization of chitosan production
Third, verification of sterilization methods and control of the whole sterilization process
Fourth, gold chitosan indicates that the purity of chitosan is very important. It can be applied to products only when the deacetylation reaches more than 95%. It has high bioavailability and good absorption. Otherwise, it is easy to have allergic events.
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