What are the advantages of chitin and chitosan as functional foods?
Diet food. As people's living standards are getting higher and higher and there are more and more obese people, obesity has become the most headache for residents in large and medium-sized cities with high living standards in developed countries and China. Therefore, weight-loss foods emerge one after another and become one of the best-selling goods. Gold chitosan indicates that chitosan has the effects of reducing ester and cholesterol. It is found that the fatty acid and chitosan are not absorbed by the digestive system of mammals, and the fatty acid and chitosan can not be digested and excreted from the digestive system after ingestion, such as bile acid and hydrophobic acid.
It was also found that after chitosan combined with these lipids, it can still further combine lipids equivalent to many times their own weight. Therefore, it is considered that chitosan or fatty acid complex salt of chitosan can be added to food as a lipid threat scavenger. On the one hand, it can reduce the absorption of lipid substances by human body and promote the excretion of lipid substances. On the other hand, it can reduce the heat of food by combining the fat in food and meet people's taste requirements for fat. This kind of food has become a weight loss food.
Although the weight loss food made of chitosan can be eaten directly, chitosan can not only bind lipids, but also chelate with heavy metals, agglutinate leukocytes and fix living cells. Therefore, it is safer to add fatty acid salt of chitosan into food.
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