Introduction to the application of Chitosan
Gold chitosan means that high molecular chitosan is processed into water-soluble low molecular chitosan by microwave physical method. It is another new biotechnology after genetic engineering and protein engineering. It is known as the third generation biotechnology. Chitosan can be widely used in agriculture, food, chemical industry, energy, environmental protection, medicine and other fields.
Chitosan can obviously moisturize, activate body cells, prevent skin roughness and aging, control the breeding of harmful bacteria on the skin surface, inhibit bacteria, resist skin diseases and absorb ultraviolet rays. It can be used in skin care products such as moisturizing, anti wrinkle and sunscreen; Chitosan also maintains the film-forming permeability of the hair surface, is moist and easy to comb, and can resist static electricity, prevent dust, relieve itching and remove dandruff. It is used in hair care products.
Chitosan can regulate the metabolic activities of microorganisms in animal intestine, selectively activate and proliferate beneficial bacteria, reduce the content of cholesterol and blood lipid, and improve immune ability.
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