Specific differences between chitosan oligosaccharide and chitosan
1. Molecular weight difference: chitosan oligosaccharide is a new product of chitosan treated by special biological enzyme technology, with a molecular weight of less than 3000DA; Chitosan is the product of partial deacetylation of chitin, with a molecular weight of 500000-1000000.
2. Solubility difference: chitosan oligosaccharide has low molecular weight and can be completely dissolved in water; Chitosan can only be dissolved in dilute acid solution. Gold chitosan indicates that the enhancement of water solubility is an important factor affecting some physiological activities of chitosan oligosaccharides. Only when it is soluble in water can it be absorbed and utilized by organisms and show biological activity. Therefore, chitosan oligosaccharides are easier to be absorbed by human body, animals and plants.
3. Functional differences: chitosan oligosaccharides with molecular weight below 2000 show unique physiological activities and functions: improve the function of macrophages; Inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells; Reduce cholesterol and blood lipid; Antibacterial, bacteriostatic and significant moisture absorption capacity.
Chitosan oligosaccharides with molecular weight less than 5000 can hinder the growth and reproduction of pathogens, promote protein synthesis and activate plant cells, so as to promote the rapid growth of plants.
The numerous functions of chitosan oligosaccharide indicate that it is an alternative in the oligosaccharide family. Chitosan oligosaccharide is the only oligosaccharide that has been found to be alkaline and positively charged. This characteristic also determines that it is the only oligosaccharide that can be absorbed by the intestine into the blood circulation, and reaching all parts of the body through the blood circulation is the basis for it to play many other biological functions.
Gold chitosan indicates that the premise for chitosan oligosaccharide to be absorbed by the intestine is not digested by digestive enzymes. Chitosan oligosaccharide is composed of glucosamine β- 1,4-glycosidic bond linked polymer, and digestive enzymes in human gastrointestinal tract mainly act on α- 1,4-glycosidic bond, so chitosan oligosaccharide can maintain structural integrity in the gastrointestinal tract.
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